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Mango room divider

Mango room divider

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  • Delivered in 2 parts: Lowboard with drawers (=lower part 90 KG) & shelf (=upper part 121 KG) which is placed on the lowboard.
  • Delivery safely packaged for transport by a freight forwarder on pallets “free curbside”.
  • Very heavy & large shelf with chest of drawers made from solid mango wood. Room height min 260 cm; Entrances/doors must be appropriately high; Ground level access required!
  • Versatile in use thanks to the possibility of using the shelf both with and without a TV and on the wall or free-standing
  • The drawers can be opened from both sides, making this piece of furniture perfect as a room divider.

Beautiful room divider made from Indian mango wood - authentically made by experienced carpenters in a small family business. The room divider has many storage options and drawers and is therefore both a practical storage wonder and a way to display many beautiful decorative items. The beautiful chestnut brown color completes this piece. The shelf is delivered in two parts, which simply need to be inserted into each other to assemble.

No natural tropical forests are cut down for our furniture. The wood comes from legal, sustainably sourced sources or has been recycled and reused. Mango wood is created as a byproduct of the harvest of mango fruits and is found in equatorial areas such as India, Thailand, the Caribbean, and countries in Central and South America. It is therefore a very environmentally friendly and sustainable type of wood that is characterized by stability, longevity, density and relative lightness. Mango wood is particularly smooth and hard and, similar to teak wood, impresses with its distinctive natural grain and a unique color tone.

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