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Mango lowboard

Mango lowboard

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ATTENTION: available from mid/end of April 2024!

  • Exclusive heavy lowboard made of solid wood where the drawers can be opened from both sides
  • Mango wood in chestnut brown color with the typical and popular structure and grain
  • 2 large and 4 smaller drawers with metal handles that are accessible on both sides; perfect as a room divider and TV dresser
  • Delivered completely assembled in one piece, ready to use immediately without any effort for assembly and assembly!

Beautiful lowboard made of solid Indian mango wood - made by experienced carpenters in a family business we know well. The lowboard has many drawers that can be opened from both sides. The lowboard therefore offers a lot of storage space and, thanks to its large footprint, is also ideal as a TV shelf. The beautiful chestnut brown color completes this piece.

No natural tropical forests are cut down for our furniture. The wood comes from legal, sustainably sourced sources or has been recycled and reused. Mango wood is created as a byproduct of the harvest of mango fruits and is found in equatorial areas such as India, Thailand, the Caribbean, and countries in Central and South America. It is a very environmentally friendly and sustainable type of wood that is characterized by stability, longevity, density and relative lightness. Mango wood is particularly smooth and hard and, similar to teak wood, impresses with its distinctive natural grain and a unique color tone.

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