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Indian boat shelf

Indian boat shelf

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Attention: Available again from the end of May 2024!

Distinctive shelf from India in the shape of a boat as a bookcase, corner shelf, wall shelf or room divider made of mango wood. Great shape in Asian design with compartments and shelves. Authentically crafted by skilled craftsmen in a traditional style.

Mango wood is created as a byproduct of harvesting mango fruits and is commonly found in equatorial areas such as India, Thailand, the Caribbean, and countries in Central and South America. It is therefore an environmentally friendly and sustainable type of wood that is characterized by stability, longevity, density and relative lightness. Mango wood is particularly smooth and hard and, similar to teak wood, impresses with its distinctive natural grain and a unique brown color that gives this piece of furniture a very special charm.

This piece also arrives fully assembled in one piece. No time-consuming setup is necessary.

Make Asia your home!

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