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Chinese bedside table "Aurora" - Art. 35191-10

Chinese bedside table "Aurora" - Art. 35191-10

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Attention: Available again from July 2024!

Decorative Chinese bedside table in green and beige from our "Aurora" product range. The box is decorated with floral patterns and ornaments. These, together with the color scheme, give the piece that certain Asian ambience that we try to breathe into all of our furniture. It consists of a drawer and a storage space underneath. You can divide this up further using a removable shelf.

As a special highlight, we also give this piece our trendy vintage look. Our carpenters work on the box by carefully sanding it down to give it the impression of an antique piece of furniture. This gives the bedside table even more character and individuality. None of our pieces look exactly the same!

We want to enchant our customers with furniture that embodies the charm of Asia and transports you mentally to the most beautiful places on this continent. Take a look around our website, you are sure to find something that suits you. Make Asia your home!

Dimensions: L 45 cm x W 33 cm x H 55 cm

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