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Chinese highboard red-black

Chinese highboard red-black

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Artfully decorated highboard in red and black with detailed floral motifs. The wine red color and the perfectly coordinated black frame in particular make this piece a highlight. The compact dimensions also make the highboard a real all-rounder. It can be used as a dish cabinet, shoe cabinet or as an additional chest of drawers in the bedroom. The cabinet has two drawers and a large storage compartment. This is further divided by a removable shelf.

Another special feature is our typical vintage style. Our local carpenters work on the furniture so that it looks like an antique piece with a lot of history. Overall, this creates a distinctive exterior that can easily enhance any room.

With this piece we hope to live up to our claim of being able to offer you very special pieces of furniture from the Asian cultural area. This piece also arrives fully assembled in one piece. VintageAsia wishes you lots of fun discovering. Make Asia your home!

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