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Chinese chest of drawers "Fire"

Chinese chest of drawers "Fire"

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Chinese chest of drawers from VintageAsia from our “Fire” product line. The name says it all: we wanted to design a piece of furniture that reflected the sunset on a tropical beach. The warm colors give every room a cozy, Far Eastern ambience. It's not one of our best-selling pieces for nothing.

We also used our special new-looks-old technique on this sideboard. Surfaces and edges have been roughened and sanded to give them the sought-after shabby chic look. Overall, this makes this Asian beauty a very special, individual eye-catcher. Due to its rather small size, the piece easily fits into any room.

At VintageAsia we are always looking for that special Asian atmosphere. Our furniture should bring back holiday memories or perhaps even bring you closer to the magic of Asia for the first time. Immerse yourself in our colors, decorations and shapes and be inspired by the wonderful diversity of the Asian continent.

This piece also arrives fully assembled. This means no time-consuming construction is required. You can simply unpack and enjoy immediately. Have fun shopping. Make Asia your home!

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