Vintage TV Stand Black Deco


Classic Chinese lowboard in black. Equipped with four drawers and a large storage space in the middle. With high quality brass handles and a modern vintage look. Comes fully assembled in one piece.

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Discreet Chinese lowboard with lots of storage space in black. The lowboard has four drawers and a large storage compartment in the middle, which you can further divide by a removable shelf. The lowboard has a wonderful size for placing a large flat screen on it. Or to enrich it with decorative objects. There are no limits to your furnishing imagination. It is a large, solid piece of furniture whose restrained appearance is well complemented by the high-quality brass handles.

Another feature is the trendy shabby chic look. The edges and surfaces of the piece have been sanded and finished to create our distinctive vintage look. Everything is handcrafted on site by our skilled carpenters. And before shipping to Germany, our employees check the quality again. The lowboard is delivered fully assembled in one piece, so no time-consuming assembly is necessary for you.

At Vintage Asia it is important to us to produce high quality furniture pieces. With a special Asian touch that brings our customers back to this fascinating continent. Take a look around and discover more colorful motifs, exotic colors and, as in this case, very subtle and classic pieces of furniture. Have fun discovering!

Dimensions177 × 45 × 60 cm