Vintage Sideboard Emerald


Large Asian chest of drawers in a beautiful light green color with ornaments of floral patterns. The sideboard offers plenty of storage space and is finished with our very special vintage look. The part will be delivered to you fully assembled. Absolutely no construction is necessary.

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Large Chinese chest of drawers in light green. With pretty ornaments of floral patterns. It is a solid sideboard consisting of three drawers and three shelves underneath. This makes the chest a visually appealing space saver. You can use it in different rooms according to your needs. And be sure that its striking appearance will enhance any room in a playful way.

Another special feature, in addition to the beautiful color scheme, is our typical vintage look. Our on-site carpenters process the piece in such a way that it gives the impression of a much older piece. This gives the dresser even more character and breathes history into it.

With this piece we hope to live up to our claim of being able to offer you very special pieces of furniture. Our goal is to add a little Asian magic to your home. And take you back to your favorite Asian vacation spots. We produce in small quantities and focus on variety and quality. Therefore you can be sure that you will not see our pieces on every corner. Feel free to click through our website. We are sure that there is something suitable for you.

Dimensions170 × 45 × 85 cm