Vintage Chest of Drawers Blue


Beautiful chinese chest of drawers from our popular “Oceanflowers” product line. The different shades of blue and brown harmonize perfectly with each other and exude a happy, Asian ambience. The compact dimensions and the elaborately manufactured new-looks-old style round it off. The chest of drawers is delivered fully assembled in one piece.

– no construction needed, comes fully assembled in one piece

– Free DHL Home Delivery for customers in Germany directly to their desired location in the apartment

– delivery costs for customers in other EU-Countries 5 % of purchased value

– L x W x H: 117 cm  x 40 cm  x 85 cm


This pretty, colorful chest of drawers from our “Oceanflowers” product line is one of our absolute bestsellers. And it’s easy to see why. The chest of drawers can particularly score with its beautiful and unusual color scheme. The different shades of brown and blue interlock wonderfully and result in an overall harmonious and cheerful appearance. Despite the exotic, Asian flair that it exudes, it can be easily integrated into any interior. And is always a real eye-catcher.

The modern processed shabby-chic elements as well as the compact size of the chest of drawers make it a real all-rounder that leaves little to be desired. There are three drawers and a large storage space in the lower part, which can be divided again by a removable shelf – according to taste and necessity. Get your “Oceanflowers” chest of drawers and upgrade your interior design with this Chinese specialty.

At VintageAsia, we want to offer our customers something special. We are not very enthusiastic about mass-produced goods and instead want something different. Namely, bringing the beauty, diversity and exoticism of our favorite continent, Asia, into your living room. Let yourself be enchanted by our pieces. Every single one was checked for quality by our employees on site before shipment. In order to make it as comfortable as possible for our customers, we also only stock pieces of furniture that are delivered completely in one piece. No complex and time-consuming setup is necessary. You can save yourself that and enjoy it straight away. And now have fun shopping and discovering.

Dimensions117 × 40 × 85 cm